10 Secrets to the Perfect Paint Finish

At Norris painting anything from 50,000 seat stadiums to school staff rooms is all in a days work, and we’ve learn some pretty neat tricks along the way. Check out our 10 secrets to the perfect paint finish below to see how you can improve your painting game.

Mix cans of paint for a consistent colour
Paint colour may vary slightly between tins. As subtle as this difference is it can sometimes be noticed on the wall. Estimate how much paint you will need to complete the job and mix them together in a larger container for a consistent finish. Don’t forget the leftover can always be poured back into the can.

Clean dirty surfaces to help paint bond
Painting over oil, dirt or even hairspray will dramatically affect the durability of the paint. Before painting make sure to clean surfaces with a preprint.

Press tape with a putty knife
There is nothing more frustrating than removing tape after a paint job to reveal areas where paint has seeped through. To avoid this try running a putty knife along the tape before painting.

Roll paint along edges for consistent texture
When you paint edges with a brush and the centre of the wall with a roller it shows in the final texture. Avoid this by brushing on the paint, then immediately rolling to ensure a consistent texture throughout.

Prepare walls by sanding
Blotchy walls can result from painting over uneven surfaces. Always make sure to create an even texture across all surfaces by sanding.

Roll the full height of the wall to avoid lap marks
Lap marks are the ugly lines you see caused by letting paint dry in sections during the job, to avoid this roll the full length of the wall and always keep a wet edge.

Scrape a line in textured ceilings
Textured ceilings make for very difficult lining up of paint. Use a screwdriver to score a very small indentation along the edge of the ceiling and wall. This indentation will allow for perfect lines.

Cut tape before pulling
Simply pulling tape once the paint is dry will tear pieces of the paint off the wall. First cut the tape then removed to create a perfect line.

Wash roller covers before first use
Washing roller covers before first use will remove that layer of fluff that tends to get mixed in with your first coat of paint. Damp rollers can be used when damp, no need to dry completely.

Use cotton drop sheets over plastic
Cotton sheets will remain in place without tape and absorb paint without marking floors below. Plastic sheets on the other hand are slippery and dropped paint will remain wet causing even more of an issue.

Please note: big spills WILL seep through drop clothes and should be cleaned up immediately.

So now you have no excuses, the keys to a perfect paint job are in your hands. For more information or a quote give us a call on 0115 979 7733 or email us on sales@norrisuk.co.uk