4 Simple Ways to Make Any Space Look Bigger

Whether you are working with a domestic or commercial space, more room, or the illusion of more room is always a good thing. Use our 4 simple ways to make any space look bigger to maximise your work and home areas.

1. Mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors, or any reflective surface for that matter, make rooms look dramatically bigger. Ever walked into a room with floor to ceiling mirrors and thought there was a whole other room? Until closer inspection, or embarrassingly attempting to walk through the solid brick wall. Well, that trick isn’t just for gyms anymore. Mirrors reflect valuable natural light creating the illusion of a much larger room.

2. Hidden and Non-Traditional Storage

Another tick of the trade, which can be used on any space to make it look bigger, is hidden storage. Whether it’s under seating, in the floor or on the ceiling. Many interior design aficionados suggest placing shelving as high as possible in order to 1. Make use of space we wouldn’t usually use and 2. Draw the eyes upwards again creating the illusion of space.

3. Liberate your Windows

Much like mirrored surfaces, which reflect light, windows act as brilliant sources of natural light (rocket science I know). So liberate your windows from unnecessary blinds, curtains and covers wherever possible.

4. Light Walls, Dark ceilings

Similar to our high level shelving tip, illusive space can be captured by keeping walls and floors light colours and refurbishing ceilings to be dark in colour. This makes the ceiling seem further away adding height and makes the walls seem further away adding depth and width.

So there you have it, 4 simple and easy ways to make any space look bigger and more spacious. There’s no stopping you now, just watch out for those mirrored brick walls!