Cladding & Vinyl Fashion – Printed Desert Islands

At Norris we get some ambitious and sometimes downright unreasonable requests but you’d be surprised exactly what is possible with a little effort and a very reasonable cost.

Continuing on from the ‘Psychology of Design’ article we thought we’d talk about our experience with printed vinyl floors and hygienic cladding. During our time at the aforementioned dementia unit there were ideas floating around to potentially print a desert island on hygienic cladding in a washroom. In the end we decided against it due to anticipated confusion for the patients however it doesn’t rule out the possibility of this creative finish for your business or home.

Spaces that involve any ounce of creativity, imagination or even luxury can be transformed with printed vinyl and hygienic cladding.

Take a look at the pictures and consider how this innovative technique can enhance your home or business. These finishes have an incredible impact on businesses involved in childcare, education and health. Jobs can be scaled from commercial to as small as a kid’s bedroom.