Increase Productivity in your Business with Office Design

Office design, despite often overlooked, is a fundamental contributor to the success of your business. Poorly designed offices can cause frustration and seriously hinder productivity.

Imagine you visited a spa for the day and the walls were grey, floors carpeted, with no windows and poor lighting, could your find your happy place there? Then why would you expect your staff to find a state of flow and productivity in a drab and poorly functioning workspace?

A modern day workspace is meant to inspire creativity, comfort and focus. So check out our office design tips to boost your businesses productivity.

Light Conquers All

We know we sound like a broken record with this one but light really is the biggest influence of mood in any space. Studies show that those exposed to natural light throughout the day are dramatically more happy, creative and productive.

Improve the flow of natural light in your workspace and create an open working environment by removing interior walls, use glass walls for private offices, and benching desks instead of cubicles. Think Google rather than cattle market.

Create space for you staff to work comfortably and without distraction. There is nothing more disturbing that having someone bump into you every time they pass.

With that said too much space will destroy your hard earned collaborative atmosphere so try and find a happy medium.

Create Break Out Spaces

Give your staff the option of a change of scenery to break the monotony of 8 or more hours sat at the same desk. This boosts creativity and productivity.

Communicative and creative barriers dissolve in these areas, ideas flow and meeting results can be enhanced dramatically.

A variety of environments will help vary the routine and improve the mood of your staff.

Sitting is the New Smoking

“Sitting is the new smoking”, is the dramatic new catchphrase of the business world but as cliché, as it is becoming, it turns out to be true.

Emerging studies now show an array of detrimental side effects to sitting for 6 hours a day or more.

Consider installing standing desks in your office to experience such benefits as less obesity risk, lower cancer risk, better posture, longer life and increased energy levels.

Read more about the transition from sitting to standing desks here.

Idea Storage

Ideas should be encouraged and cultivated. Even if the idea isn’t about work, getting it out of their heads and written down helps staff to remain focused.

Notepads and sticky notes are cool, white boards are better but a whole white wall or a desk you can write on is the ultimate in creative idea storage.

This way when staff have ideas, they can write them down immediately and return to the task at hand. At the end of the day or week ideas can be collected and reviewed. This means the set work is completed efficiently and new ideas are cultivated at the same time.