Transform Your Washroom in 5 Simple Steps

At Norris we specialise in high quality washrooms and plumbing, from a 200-person washroom at Freshpack to a single hotel room or even a private bathroom. We excel in making any space better. So here are the top 5 tips we’ve collected along the way for making the most out of your washroom on a budget.

1. Paint your Washroom a Bold Colour
Energize your washroom for the relatively small cost of a tin of paint. The bathroom is the one place where you can get away with more extravagant patterns and colours such as green or yellow. Cabinets can be painted to add impact too, or replaced if needed.

2. Enhance the Space with Statement Textiles
Again for very little cost you can dress your washroom in beautiful new towels, rugs and even matching bathrobes. Take your bathroom game up a level with matching textiles displayed prominently on towel racks or vanity units.

3. Draw Attention with a Feature Shower Curtain
A patterned or bright shower curtain can transform a washroom with minimal effort or money. Just be careful not to over do it. Walls, towels and a shower curtain with patterns on will be too much. Choose one and colour match one of the other two. Keep the last one neutral.

4. Statement Furniture
Turn your average washroom into the jewel of the house with vintage, and potentially free, statement furniture. Check out car boots or even dumps for old wash basins, wooden crates for shelving and ladders (for towel racks of course).

5. Display Only the Necessities
If something doesn’t fit in with your new towels, paintjob or shower curtain, put it where it can’t be seen. Do you ever see rolled up toothpaste tubes or used razors in your luxury hotel washroom? We hope not. Install a medicine cabinet or similar storage to organise, and more importantly, hide items.

Better yet, get rid of the clutter all together, in a bin.

Bonus Tip:
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